4 Things That Make Self-Care *That* Much Easier

Whatever self-care means to you, it’s become predominantly synonymous with face masks and staying in. Although these things often give me my fill of self-care for the week, sometimes painting my own nails and taking a bath isn’t enough (but sometimes it definitely is!!!). Sometimes I need a whole day to eat whatever junk food I want and just cuddle with my dogs while watching SATC for the 5th time, and that occasionally will scratch a specific itch that no sheet mask ever could. Below are my top go-to self-care facilitators, some traditional and some just plain odd, but they all check the same box for me.

1. Maude Bath Salts

After years of no bathing while in my post-Lush phase, I got my hands on Maude’s new bath collection. I decided to start soaking again since I have a nasty hangover habit of sitting on the ground while showering. The Soak. and Bath. are two completely different experiences. If you want a strong aroma without the hazard of candles, pick Soak., a fragrant bath salt blend. My personal favorite is the Bath., a coconut milk bath powder that leaves your skin soooooOooo soft, you don’t even need lotion.

Shop Maude Bath Salts:

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.52.15 PM.png

Maude Bath. – $18

2. Caulipower Cheese Pizza + Salami + Cherry Garcia FroYo + A Gyro From That One Place + Hawkins Cheezies

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I generally eat pretty healthily, but when I cheat, I cheat. The whole day, nothing is off-limits; As you can see from this sections’ header, I have refined my junk foods of choice to about 5 “dishes”. And yes, I intentionally left out the name of my favorite gyro place – find your own!

3. Davines Circle Chronicles Hair Masks

Hair masks are, in my opinion, the underrated cousin of face masks. The reason I love Davines’ is that aside from the cute and convenient packaging, they only take 10 minutes and there’s one for everyone (and my damaged hair has never been so soft!). My personal favorite is The Restless Circle, a dry-hair mask that is meant to be invisible so you can self-care on the go. I love to glop this on my ends, put my hair in a slick knot, and run to Whole Foods to pick up my cheat day meal(s). I usually get 2 or more uses out of each mask, making these multi-use masks effective and affordable.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 6.09.39 PM.png

The Restless Circle Hair Mask – $10

4. My Planner

Maybe something that others find tedious and annoying, I absolutely love to plan out my week and consider the act my most productive form of self-care. Ask anyone I know, I like to plan ahead, so when I get great relief when I condense all my iPhone Notes, voice memos, and random scribbles into one planner. I suggest buying a cute one, this is what I’m currently using.

Words by Kate Sullivan