Melbourne-based Annabel Blue On The Importance Of Yoga

We caught up with University student and journalist Annabel Blue and got her juiciest self-care, beauty, and fashion tips. Hint: Yoga is the key to a lot, if not all, things. Keep reading to hear her favorite creatives on IG and her prized possession.
What is your occupation?
I’m a fine arts student, philosophy student and freelance journalist. 
Where are you based?
Melbourne at the moment! 
How would you describe your aesthetic?
In two words: Canadian tuxedo! 
Who on Instagram is inspiring you right now?
I really love Sterling Ruby and Nina Hartmann’s work. Not only on Instagram but on all platforms. Also Ryoji Ikeda is amazing… I’m looking forward to seeing his light show at Dark Mofo this year! 
What’s a cool beauty tip?
Bikram Yoga makes your skin and mind clear! 
What do you do for self-care?
Yoga as much as possible. And incorporating greens into my meals as much as I can. 
What’s your most prized fashion possession?
Probably my Sonia Rykiel handbag! And Jean Paul Gaultier denim patch jacket! 
What designer would you want to wear for the rest of your life?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In New York working with like-minded, creative and inspiring people. 
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Feature Photo Via Victoria Houllis

Words by Kate Sullivan