The Women Of Binky + Lulu On Sustainability And Timelessness

This week, we had the chance to interview the 3-woman team behind Binky + Lulu, an accessories brand based out of Portsmouth, NH. They mix sustainably sourced mango wood and vintage findings to create unique pieces that aren’t bound by seasons or current trends.

Read below to hear more about their mission and their latest collection, Still Life:


1. Can you tell us a bit about your roles at Binky & Lulu? What does your typical day at work look like?

Ooh boy, well, a typical day of work at the Binky & Lulu HQ vary weekly. As a young/old jewelry brand (unique story) we spend a lot of time researching. Researching potential opportunities whether that be applying to tradeshows, pop-ups, local artisan fairs, new concepts on approaching wholesale and collaborations. The pursuit of growth.

Weekly/daily attention is placed on B&L’s current customers and our partnerships to ensure they are strong because loyalty, longevity and being personable as a brand is important to us. We want to make people feel good when they’re working with Binky & Lulu!

And then, of course, another exciting aspect of the day and week is fulfilling orders. Having so many unique styles and color palettes within our collections, it’s really interesting to be the liaison of our customers’ eyes and put together their curation of a story within the B&L line; we get to see colorways and styles paired together that we may never have thought of.

2. B&L was re-launched in 2015 after being started in the ’80s. What prompted this second start?

B&L has a sister company, a corporate snow and land management company! You can tell how serious it is by how much of a mouthful the description is! Lee, the founder, felt in need of feminine energy and a revival of creativity in her professional life. Which ultimately lead to the relaunch of Binky & Lulu.

3. How does Binky & Lulu stand out in a time when trends are ever-changing?

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly…” F. Scott Fitzgerald Or we go against the grain, the grain of mango wood.  Jokes aside, 

Binky & Lulu is moving towards season-less years of creation. Creating new styles and collections when the team feels the moment is right for the brand instead of the fashion industry telling us when to create and produce.

4. Can you tell us more about your newest collection, Still Life?

Still Life Collection is about liberating the “work of art” from museums and incorporating the 19th and 20th-century masters into your everyday wear, your dress ups, and dress ins. Hand-painted motifs evoking lucid memories of birds, horses, fields of summer flowers, a folklore story you were told as a child, and a time period that you did not know. ~ Unbounded by eras, yet whimsically reminiscent.



5. How important is being socially responsible for your brand?

Our values as individuals work to create our values as a brand. We use sustainably sourced Mango Wood and recycled vintage components to create our collections. B&L is lucky enough to still work in tandem with the same Filipino family/company that we did in the 1980s.

6. Do you have any new projects in the works?

This month we joined forces with our new NYC showroom, Supplements.

In Mid-June we have been invited to be an official “cult-favorite” brand apart of the launch of San Francisco’s Re:store in Union Square.

B&L is currently in the midst of working on a retail site that will launch in a month or so.

To Shop Binky + Lulu:

For New Yorkers: B+L is available at retailer Outlette

Online: Shop B+L at Candlefish

They also take orders on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Cover Photo By @caesarixvi of @stavskyhadary

Words by Kate Sullivan