Oribe and James Pecis Throw Paris Fashion Week Stylist Party

On March 2nd, some of the best hairdressers in the world gathered at a small pub in Paris to toast each other on their hard work during the past four weeks. Traveling for the past month to New York, London, Milan, and Paris, these trendsetting stylists are in great need of a drink to unwind after yet another crazy Fashion Month.

Oribe has teamed up with their Global Ambassador James Pecis to organize the event for the past couple years in order to celebrate the hard work that all of them have put in for the past month, with the stylists often having around four shows a day.

The party is held at Le Red House, a casual bar that is usually known for its wings and happy hour specials. You may be wondering why hairstyling royalty of Fashion Week is gathering at a bar that some would call “dive-y”, but Pecis explains that they like it that way. He says they tried to have a more “bougie” gathering in the past, but went back to their old ways when they realized the focus of the event was the socialization and community that it encourages and that more than anything, they just wanted to relax after a month on the grind.

He also reinforces to me the real reason they are all there doing hair; “They’re not doing it for the money”, Pecis says, as he motions to the diverse crowd around us, “no, they do this because they love it”. He goes on to state they often don’t even cover their costs of travel and lodging when working Fashion Weeks, but it’s a small price to pay when you’re getting to work with the best designers doing what you love the most.

The man of the hour arrived fashionably late, as he was working the Hermes show that night, which he tells me was one of his favorite shows of the month to style. He says beyond the individual shows, one of his favorite parts of styling for Fashion Week is the fact that while designers create clothes based off of current trends, the hairstylists are full-on creating trends that we start to see in street style and editorials in the months after Fashion Week.