Why I Spend $160/Month On Rent The Runway Unlimited

It’s not like I meant to start spending $160 a month on renting designer clothes that have no business being in my introverted, house-ridden life, but here we are. Although I have always found myself fond of fashion, I probably have spent more time scrolling through TheRealReal in sweats than I have out and about with my new threads on. The amount of clothes I have heavily outweighs the occasions to which I can wear them, and I’m starting to see why my mom had a closet filled with shopping bags from Neimans when she can’t be bothered to change out of her yoga pants when we get dinner. It’s because I don’t buy necessarily buy clothes with the intention of wearing them. Now, before you call me out for contributing to the global clothing waste crisis, just listen. I realized that this was insane and that if I’m going to buy clothes, I should wear them.

This spring I found myself purusing RTR’s website for a dress to wear to my then-boyfriend’s brothers wedding (spoiler alert: I wasn’t invited and he’s now an Ex). I clicked on the “plans” section and started reading about the Unlimited plan, where you can rent 4 pieces at a time, free dry cleaning, free shipping both ways, and can have shipments as often as you want. I thought to myself, “Who needs this? Who the hell goes to formal events every month and needs a subscription for it?”. Turns out, RTR has expanded way beyond its original model of being a formalwear-only rental service. I remember when they first came out, and all they had were suuuuper fancy dresses and some jewelry. Nowadays, they stock it all: pants, tops, sweaters, coats, jeans, bags, basically everything besides shoes (which would be nasty AF anyways). I immediately assumed that all the clothing was for middle-aged working women – think suits, boring and plain blouses, and some dull handbags. Boy was I wrong! They carry a lot of on-trend brands like Opening Ceremony, The Kooples, MSGM, and more. They currently have over 13,000 items and add new merchandise every day.

I’ve had Unlimited for a couple months now, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Not only is it sustainable, it definitely helps my wallet out. Whenever I have the urge to hop on Net-a-Porter, I remind myself that I literally have a continuous shopping spree on RTR for a flat fee every month. A lot of their items are trendier pieces, but knowing you can wear it once and return it gives me peace of mind and justifies the monthly cost. I’d rather spend $160 to wear $4,000 worth of clothes every month than $160 on a pair of jeans if it means that I can keep replenishing my closet. Not to mention that if you do want to buy an item you’re currently renting, you can buy it from RTR at a discounted price, sometimes up to 70% off, and it will clear up a spot in your shopping bag. That being said, they also have a lot of basics like jeans and slacks, which can be helpful if you’re lacking there. They carry GRLFRND denim, Rag and Bone, and Reformation just to name a few. I had been eyeing the Rag and Bone Messenger Bag but I couldn’t justify the price, and alas, a week later it was available on RTR! If I ever happen to have an event to go to or a holiday is coming up, I no longer dread finding an outfit because I won’t have to spend any extra money!

Here’s what I currently have at home:

*I guess now is a good time to not that since you don’t own these clothes, you can’t have them tailored (unless you buy it!). The MSGM pants were pretty long on me, as I’m only 5’4”. They still worked out as you can see, but I needed a belt and some heels. I actually don’t run into this problem as often as I though I would, though.

And here are my most recently “hearted” items (I check the new arrivals every morning!)


If you’re like me and are passionate about switching up your wardrobe but don’t have the time or money to constantly restock, I definitely recommend giving RTR Unlimited a try. They have a less expensive version for $79, where you also get 4 items a month, but they aren’t on constant rotation like Unlimited and there’s a slightly smaller selection. You can check out the plans here. For some reason I don’t have a referral code to give out (I was hit with a “We’ll let you know when you can invite a friend to try Unlimited.” when i tried), but you can get $80 off your first two months of Unlimited and $20 off your first month of the RTR Update plan, no code needed!

This is not a sponsored post, as much as it may seem like it is!

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