Meet Jyoti Rai, The Designer Behind Highonfleurs

Meet Jyoti Rai, the designer behind new, London-based, “not-a-fast-fashion-brand” Highonfleurs. We explore the core values of the brand, which include sustainability + ethical practices, as well as the inspiration behind her designs. Scroll down to read, and shop Highonfleurs here.
Why did you start Highonfleurs? What do you hope to achieve that hasn’t been done yet?
J: Highonfleurs was my dream since I was a kid. I have always been an independent person and it only made sense to work for myself and to make my own rules. I like to dream a lot and I always get comments from my family or friends that my head is always in the clouds. I think it can be a good thing to dream big because you never know which dream will come true. Chasing your dream and following your passion gives you such a rush of happiness that even when you’re going through tough times, it’s worth it.
My end goal is to create a non-profit organization to promote Equal rights for everyone. The organization will educate and support underprivileged children in Nepal and around the world. Because I truly believe that educating the youth about equality, will change the future because they are our future generation. Highonfleurs is not just about clothes, I want this brand to be a reflection of who I am and things that I value the most. I hope to contribute to women empowerment
Who are some female entrepreneurs that you look up to?
J: There are too many! To start with I would say, my mom️. She had her salon in Hong Kong and was a successful woman.
Apart from her, I look up to
Marianna Hewitt – co-founder of Summer Fridays,
Aimee song – founder of Song of Style,
Sophia Amoruso – founder of Nasty Gal and Girlboss,
Leandra Medine – founder of The Manrepeller
I love all of them and one day maybe I’ll get to meet them and tell them how much I appreciate their work because it has influenced me to be stronger and more courageous to follow my dreams.
How important is sustainability to your brand? What are some other core values of yours?
J: It is very important. I’ve worked very hard and spent all my savings and monthly salaries on creating this first collection. It was super important that I resourced recycled polyester, used recycled papers and hangtags, etc. When I designed these pieces, I wanted them to be classic pieces that you won’t have to get rid of the next season. You will always be able to wear these pieces time and time again. The material is so soft and silky and feels really good on the skin. I want the clothes to be an experience when you’re wearing them.
It is also really important to me that I work with a really good factory and my clothes are produced in ethical conditions. I went to great lengths to find the factory I am working with. I went to visit them a few times and have seen how they work and their working conditions. I am really happy that I found them️.
I am really proud of this collection.️


What did you do before creating Highonfleurs?
J: Dreamt of creating HOF every day and night!
I work full time as a production/account manager for a fashion company in London. I still have to work full time to support myself. Hopefully, soon I won’t have to so I can fully focus on HOF
What is your star sign? Is it accurate?
J: My sun sign is Scorpio and my moon sign is Gemini. I don’t read daily horoscopes but I use this app called The Pattern and oh my god. Everything on it is 100% accurate. You guys have to try it!
If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
J: An oversized white cotton shirt and mid-wash blue denim jeans. Cause I’m a BB lol
What’s the oldest thing in your closet? What’s the story behind it?
J: It’s a saree that was passed down to my mom from my grandma and my mom gave it to me.
Who would you love to collaborate with?
J: I might collab with my mom you know, she has a great sense of style.
I would also love to collab with @josefinehj, I adore her and her style. She’s got the perfect mixture of girly/edgy/sexy style.
Ugh, I love her.

Feature Photo via @highonfleurs

Words by Kate Sullivan