Catching Up With Our Favorite Parisienne, Léna Farl

I guess the more correct phrase would be that I *virtually* caught up with Léna, over multiple email exchanges, to be exact. Keep reading to follow the fashion event organizer on her ideal day off, as well as her biggest inspirations at the moment.

What is your occupation?

L: I just finished my Postgraduate studies in Public Relations and I’m now working in a company that is organizing professional fashion events (tradeshows, showrooms, seminars) in France and abroad. 

What’s your ideal day off?Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.40.31 PM

L: My ideal day off will probably start with breakfast on my sunny balcony and it will most certainly involve some croissants, coffee, and fashion magazines! Then I’d go for a walk. I love walking in Paris because you can always discover new things such as independent fashion shops, new restaurants, and bars or pretty little streets! After a hearty lunch in my favorite Italian restaurant, I will probably improvise an Instagram photoshoot with my boyfriend. After that, we will spend the rest of the afternoon at the Jardin des Tuileries to enjoy the last rays of sun before joining my friends for an aperitif (or L’ apéro as we call it in France) to chat over a glass of rosé wine. As I am not a “party animal”, I will probably end my day at home, watching a show on Netflix with a cup of tea. That would be the perfect day off!

Do you have any side hustles or hobbies?

L: As a student, I used to work during fashion weeks as a dresser for showrooms and fashion shows. I am still doing it from time to time as I am passionate about this world! It’s also a good opportunity to meet interesting and creative people from the industry. As for my hobbies, if we can consider it as such, I love creating content on Instagram! It really helps me to affirm my style, my personality and to develop my creativity. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 8.41.00 PM.pngWhat’s your fave fashion trend right now?

L: Slip dresses! I really like the feminine and elegant silhouette they give. Combined with an oversized blazer and strappy sandals, it really represents the chic and effortless style I love. You will probably see me wearing these dresses all summer long!

What’s your star sign? Do you think it’s accurate?

L: I’m a Gemini and it can’t be more accurate! Gemini is the sign of communication and is connected to everything that concerns the mind. Like every Gemini, I’m versatile, curious and open-minded, but I’m also very anxious and I’m getting bored easily… that’s why I’m constantly in search of new experiences and knowledge. 

Who on Instagram is inspiring you right now?

L: I have so many inspirations on Instagram! But if I had to choose I will say @slipintostyle for her fabulous sense of fashion, @jeannedamas for her inspiring Parisian lifestyle and Lizzy Hadfield from @shotfromthestreet for her style and aesthetic.

What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

L: My mom always told me: “As long as you are passionate about what you are doing, keep doing it, no matter how difficult it can be”. This is my life motto. 

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own?

L: It’s a vintage little black dress from the 1950’s! It belonged to my great-grandmother who was a model for famous couture houses in Paris at that time. She gave this dress to my grandmother who gave it to my mother and now it’s mine. I love this dress so much, it’s the most precious piece of clothing in my closet. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

L: Still working in the fashion industry on exciting and ambitious new projects with creative and inspiring people! 

Cover Photo Via @lenafarl

Words by Kate Sullivan