Here’s 5 High-Quality Jewelry Brands That Aren’t Crazy Expensive

As a jewelry-obsessed fashion editor who also is not rich as hell, it’s honestly hard to fight the urge to buy all of the things. Or even a couple of things, for that matter. On the other hand, I hate cheap jewelry. I usually forget to take off my *bling* when I shower/sleep/do anything, so my wallet pays for my laziness. See my dilemma?

Luckily, I have since taken my love for brands like Jacquie Aiche and Dylan Poblano and started my search for similar designs for much less, without sacrificing quality. So, to be real, these aren’t Forever 21 prices, but they also won’t turn your fingers green and fall apart in a day. Also, we can never resist an opportunity to showcase small designers.

Feature Photo via Lizzie Fortunato


Venessa Arizaga

Venessa Arizaga meshes her New York City life and her Puerto Rican roots together in this chic beach-inspired collection. With tropical materials like pearls, silk, and floral ornaments mixed with rhinestones and other metals, it’s apparent her work is inspired by her two lifestyles and is appropriate for both work and play.

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Bijoux De Famille

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Started by Julie Pasquet of Paris, the flamboyant and loud designs of Bijoux De Famille are inspired by her travels and the many materials she comes across. She loves to mix non-jewelry mediums with metal, leather, and pearls to create her unique pieces.

Shop Bijoux De Famille HERE

Mondo Mondo

Mondo Mondo is a LA-based label that creates (super yummy) perfumes and jewelry, which both look like they were birthed out of the Italian countryside. Lots of hammered metal, stones, and timeless silhouettes make up their jewelry collection.


Lizzie Fortunato

Started by two sisters, LF is a whimsical take on everyday statement jewelry. Their designs are filled with charm(s) and color, but still sophisticated enough to wear to work. I’m also obsessed with their handbags, what’s new.

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A self-taught design genius, Amedeo Piccione’s Peech is more of a passion project than a brand. The label consists of clothing and accessories as well, with jewelry just recently added in 2016. The medallion-riddled designs are unique and refreshing, but I could still see myself wearing one of these necklaces in my everyday stack.

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by Kate Sullivan