Stylist Marissa Baklayan On Their Dream Gig + More

With past clients including J Brand x Kozaburo and Lil Pump, Marissa Baklayan is a praised stylist, casting director, and creative consultant. Baklayan was on the traditional college path when they realized it wasn’t for them. Now living in LA, we caught up with Marissa to talk style icons and ideal days off.

How did you start styling and casting? Would you say your career path was more traditional or eccentric?
M: I definitely didn’t have a traditional path. Only a few years ago I was a sociology major at a traditional college, but I wanted to be an artist. I took a semester abroad in London doing a fashion journalism internship. The art I saw and the people I met inspired me so much. Meeting young people that were attending the best fashion schools in the world, and having them believe in my vision, was the push I needed to dedicate myself to my art. I came home, dropped out of school, and moved back in with my parents. I made art every day until I started to grow and get noticed. Now I live in Hollywood and am a full-time freelance worker. But I had to grind for it, and it was so worth it. I am completely self-taught and I have so much to continue to learn.
What does your day to day look like?
M: Wake up – make coffee – make a model package or two – create or add to a mood board – read – introspect – plan my next moves.
But it really changes so much day to day depending on what projects I’m working on!
What is your dream gig?
M: Being the stylist for a major fashion house.
Who is inspiring you on Instagram right now?
M: Gadir Rajab, Lotta Volkova, the young designers of Fashion East, to name a few!
If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life who would it be?
M: That’s so hard don’t make me do this!!! Haha… but I’d have to say.. Maison Margiela couture. Or vintage Gaultier. Or Vivienne Westwood. Yep I can’t do it!
What are 5 fashion pieces you can’t live without?
M: My tabis, an XL hoodie, white men’s button down, my camper lab x Bernhard Willhelm boots, mesh Gaultier tops
What’s your ideal day off?
M: Hiking in Malibu and laying on the beach in the sun with my phone off
What’s been one of your favorite styling jobs?
M: Working for Caroline Polachek’s visuals has been incredible recently. She’s such an inspiration & an incredibly nice, talented person. Her new single “door” just dropped – give it a listen (;
Who are your style icons?
M: Nobody in particular comes to mind. I find a lot of inspiration from the early punk movement, but also from fashion students on Instagram and my friends. I also get really inspired by people I see on the street, fine art, trash… 
What’s your star sign? Do you think it’s accurate?
M: I am a Libra Scorpio cusp with a Gemini rising and a cancer moon! Chaotic? Yes. Accurate? Also yes.
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Words by Kate Sullivan